Ratchet & Clank script

Ratchet & Clank screenplay pdf

Ratchet & Clank screenplay pdf

Ratchet & Clank script pdf
Release date:April 29, 2016
Studio:Gramercy Pictures
Director:Jericca Cleland
MPAA Rating:PG (for action and some rude humor)
Screenwriter Ratchet & Clank screenplay pdf: TJ Fixman
Starring:James A. Taylor, David Kaye, Jim Ward
Genre: Action, Animation, Sci-Fi
Copyright Holder:N/A

Ratchet & Clank script pdf Plot Summary:
Based on the Insomniac Games franchise “Ratchet & Clank.” The games focus on two unlikely heroes as they struggle to stop a vile alien named Chairman Drek from destroying every planet in the Solana Galaxy. Ratchet is the last of his kind, a foolhardy “lombax” who has grown up alone on a backwater planet with no family of his own, while Clank is a pint-sized robot with more brains than brawn. The Ratchet and Clank characters were first introduced in 2002, with the games quickly becoming a successful series exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation consoles. They’ve sold 26 million copies worldwide. The most recent installment, “Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault,” was released in late 2012.

Ratchet & Clank script Pdf

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